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"I've told ALL of my friends about University Place Chiropractic. Specifically, my "miraculous" recovery from chronic head, jaw and ear aches.

It's been two (2) years since I've taken any analgesic pain-killers: prescription medications, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen or Aspirins…for my headaches. At one point, I was "eating" 12 - 20 Ibuprofen a day. Then, there were the visits to the ...Allergist or Dentist for remedies for my ear and / or tooth aches (later to find out it was really my jaw that ached). 

And then, I walked-in to your clinic. What luck! Who knew? That your simple, non-painful, chemical-free adjustments would rid me of the chronic headaches that were increasingly getting worse. I am in awe. I am grateful to you. My kidneys thank you." 

Aloha, Darelyn

"As a dentist I'm bent over at least 8 hrs a day and have had constant back issues for years. I always thought back pain just came with the job, but Dr. Matt has changed all of that. The day after my first adjustment I was able to bend over in the morning and put socks on without pain. I was able to get through the day without any sort of pain. Dr. Matt is a very personable provider who spends time with you and actually cares about your health and pain. I've been 3 times now and have told all family and friends about him. If you're having any sort of back or neck issues make sure to make an appointment!!! Waking up without pain is a gift I cant thank him enough!"  

- Leif G.

"I give out 5/5 star ratings sparingly. I mean, usually there is always SOMETHING you can improve with but not here. University Place Chiropractic is the place to go, we have been trusting them for years and will continue to take our business here for hears to come. Dr Matt and his staff are all knowledgeable, friendly, and take the time to know you as a person - not just a number or like some offices, herding you around because they have way too many people coming than what they can manage efficiently.

After a few years of seeing Dr. Matt and his team I became pregnant. Don't even get me started about all the horror stories of back pain during pregnancy. Dr. Matt made it a very pleasant experience, rarely did I have neck or back problems but whenever I had a small pain here or there I'd just stop by and he always had time to go out of his way to make sure I went on my way feeling better. Our now 2 year old daughter started getting adjusted just days after being born and has not had a single ear infection and is healthy as can be!

Since we started getting adjustments here we have found the following: Back pain gone, Headaches diminished, Better overall health in general (used to get a plethora of cold illnesses - now we get 1-2 a year at most), No ear infections in our daughter, or prolonged crying of any kind, Better sleep.

With the economic recession we had to cut back on many things including cable TV. One of the only "luxuries" we did keep around is our chiropractor adjustments. In today's environments with prolonged sitting, looking down at electronic devices, carrying around a toddler, etc - it is vital to get good chiropractic adjustments. You get far more than what you pay for, and the prices here are very affordable.We are so thrilled to have an excellent Chiropractor for our family to go to - I fully recommend Dr Matt and his team for you and your family. I am confident you will feel the same after you decide to give University Place Chiropractic a try.

- Bethany B.

"Been using University Place Chiropractic for years! The staff is always super nice and always do whatever they can to get you right in. Matt does an amazing job of getting my back fixed up and moving correctly again. You might even find some yummy cookies on the front counter. Overall I highly recommend University Place Chiropractic."

- Jason H.